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Why Upgrade Windows XP

The 12 year old Windows XP was Microsoft’s most successful operating system used by many millions of people globally.
But times are changing; XP was released at the end of 2001 and well overdue for retirement. Microsoft ended mainstream support back in 2009 and will completely end all support on 8th April 2014, that’s just 4 months away. BUT IT’S NOT TOO LATE!

Most SMEs may struggle to justify moving away from a system which has served them so well for so many years, and to potentially change their entire IT infrastructure. With economic factors also in play, why should a business now prioritise this upgrade?

Security and Compliance

As a business you will hold sensitive customer details, have access to online banking, all business financial information, in fact anything that needs to stay in-house. As a business, the responsibility to keep all of this information secure is entirely YOURS.

When support for your Windows XP dependant systems is withdrawn in April, there will be no further security updates from Microsoft. This will instantly leave your systems vulnerable to viruses and hacking attempts. The easiest targets will be Windows XP systems, including yours.

Windows XP will expose businesses to cyber risk from April 9th 2014

The other main concern for business is that in April they will be in breach of the Data Protection Act 1998 if they fail to upgrade.

Application Compatibility

If it aint broke, don’t fix it” – A common response to issues regarding IT systems from SME’s. But with Microsoft’s move rendering you vulnerable and also in breach of the Data Protection act instantly, it’s not to be left for too long. Windows 7 is now an essential conversation to be having.

At the PC Surgeon, we specialise in auditing your current IT infrastructure and working with you to find the right solution for you. As well as improving your current way of working, we will also handle the transition from the old system to the new one.

We are fully aware of the time it takes to audit plan and deploy the new system, so we will be working as soon as you contact us to minimise the risk for your business.


There is no denying that Windows XP was stable with it running for so many years and being widely supported by virtually all software providers. Windows Vista wasn’t so well received which has led to some reservations to using Windows 7. The good news is that Windows 7 does not have the problems which plagued Windows Vista and has now been running for 4 years. Microsoft got it right again, Windows 7 is now as stable as Windows XP, and is supported universally by all the latest software and hardware available today.

Windows 7 New Features and efficiency

Windows 7 builds upon the solid legacy of Windows XP, with its intuitive interface, ease of use all round and regular security updates, the focus remains on user productivity. Now you can:

  • Find what you’re looking for instantly. New search capabilities let you search individual folders or your entire PC, while pinning gives you one-click access to files without cluttering the desktop.
  • Connect more easily. Windows 7 Professional makes all connections easier – wireless, broadband, company VPN and more.

Windows XP was well known as a workhorse, and Windows 7 works the same way, but with a lot of the setting already made to optimise you system, you will be able to:

  • Stay in top operating shape. Windows 7 Professional takes care of a lot of things for you, like optimising the hard drive, identifying and resolving minor issues.
  • Get a faster, more efficient PC. Windows 7 Professional includes lots of technology that helps you boot up and shutdown fast, saves power when you need it and runs applications faster.
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