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Businesses Running Windows XP, What Should You Do?

Businesses running XP, what should you do?

Did you know that Windows XP is operating on roughly 40% of desktops globally. This is staggering statistic given that it will shortly no longer supported by Microsoft. As of 8th April 2014, XP will be at its End-Of-Line (EOL).

It’s not an unexpected move given that Microsoft has since release 3 further newer operating systems, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, so it makes sense that it must reallocate its resources and focus on the future and not something they released 12 years ago.

This makes perfectly good business sense, but the sheer number of businesses this will affect means a major shift on that stat almost immediately. Personal PC users can take a more lax approach to changing but still leaves them open to the same security concerns as business. For those businesses in question, it’s a question of upgrade or jeopardise all your business critical data and leave yourself open to fines.

It would be a no brainier, but for lack of understanding of the issues. The problem is that businesses are run by humans. If it was a purely pragmatic business decision, organisations would upgrade before that date so to avoid breach of the Data Protection Act, PCI compliance, and security concerns. But a large number of SMEs are run by the founders, that business is their baby and sometimes emotional decisions can be made. A common response is using the old adage of “If it aint broke, don’t fix it” unfortunately.

Technological shifts by a business sometimes entails downtime, teething issues whilst they bed in and obviously the incurred cost. Now the choice is made simpler with the fact that it may cost significantly more if a business loses its compliance to industry standards, governing body regulations, or the Data Protection Act.

Here at The PC Surgeon, we are full conversant with large scale change to optimising the systems of the smallest SME. We will always work with you to ensure your business experiences little or no pain during the essential upgrading of systems. That is our promise to you!

To find out what your options are and how we can work for your business contact us on 0207 998 0104 today.

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