Impending XP Doomsday

It’s NOT just Microsoft that are dropping support for Windows XP, but also software and hardware vendors too.

There have been many false apocalyptic events in human history that eventually passed by with a whimper, unfortunately this is all set to change …forget the Mayan calendar …forget the millennium bug …forget the movie 2012

…End of XP Support April 8th 2014 is a GUARANTEE!

As a business or an organisation that runs its systems on Windows XP, you need to pay heed to this message.

On April 8th 2014, Microsoft will OFFICIALLY AND FINALLY end ALL support for Windows XP. To the rest of the world that is just another day, to XP dependent organisations and users, you are left vulnerable and exposed to a tsunami of security threats.

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How does this deadline affect you?

It’s not just Microsoft that are dropping support for Windows XP, but also software and hardware vendors too. The main concerns we find that businesses have with migrating from Windows XP, is compatibility of their existing software, hardware and processes and hence are reluctant to move.

Not only can we assist you with the hardware and the transition of your data, but we can also liaise and bridge the gap between your organisation and your IT hardware and software providers, making sure that there are no drastic disruptions when upgrading.

However, if we find that your software will no longer work with the new operating system, we can also assist you in finding a new solution. Apart from the compliance and security issues you may face, this is one of the main reason why we are advising ALL businesses and organisations to start migrating NOW so all these issues can be rectified before the April deadline.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to upgrade ALL Windows XP and other EOL systems (such as Office 2003 and Microsoft Exchange 2003) to a more modern and secure infrastructure, before the April DEADLINE and to successfully migrate all data, software and hardware. For FREE advice call us on 020 7998 0104 or email

XP Usage Statistics

Windows XP was released 12 Years ago
95% of the Worlds ATM’s run on Windows XP
85% of NHS PC’s STILL run on Windows XP
Users are 6X more likely to get hacked
40% of Businesses still USE XP
500m PC’s have NOT upgraded

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