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Windows XP – The Ultimate Hackers Playground

April 9th 2014 – The Day after… Never before has an operating system been supported for this length of time. Never before have roughly 40% of the worlds desktop PCs become instantly vulnerable. Never before have businesses kept so much personal data on customers in-house. Never before has the world been this technologically dependent… and […]

Retailers to face fines for using Windows XP after April 8th 2014 DEADLINE!

With Microsoft ending support of Windows XP on April 8th 2014, this has led to some pressing issues for all users of that operating system globally. What this means to you You will now not get any support for XP, no security patched or system updates anymore. After this point, any retailer or business running […]

Businesses Running Windows XP, What Should You Do?

Businesses running XP, what should you do? Did you know that Windows XP is operating on roughly 40% of desktops globally. This is staggering statistic given that it will shortly no longer supported by Microsoft. As of 8th April 2014, XP will be at its End-Of-Line (EOL). It’s not an unexpected move given that Microsoft […]

Behind The Times With Windows XP

“And now, the end is here, and so I face the final curtain…” – Windows XP After 13 years faithful services, the operating system built to be hosted on machines produced at the turn of the Millennium, is finally being cut loose, let go, and cast adrift with no more support. Microsoft will not support […]