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Firstly, don’t panic it’s not too late and thankfully the cost of saving the integrity of your business’s data, migration, hardware, software and transfer is not as much as you think.

Given the scope of the task, we recommend that you nominate/delegate one person in your organisation to mediate with the IT service/solution provider and follow the steps below to understand how big your problem could be.

  1. Perform an audit of all your computers, servers and determine the complexity of the problem.
  2. For each affected computer.
    • Check to see if they are compatible with Windows 7
    • Decide whether it may be time to buy a new computer
    • Perform an inventory of all the software you use
    • For each software
      • Identify the software you need and don’t. You may find that some software packages may NOT be used anymore BUT you are still being billed for the licenses.
      • Check to see whether it will run under Windows 7 or Windows 8
      • If not, is there an alternative, start to investigate
    • For each piece of hardware
      • Is it still supported under Windows 7 or Windows 8?
      • If not, is there an alternative, start to investigate
  3. Itemise every problem you are experiencing with your current IT infrastructure
  4. Determine what the new solution needs to achieve and bring to your business.

Once you have an outline of your needs and requirements, we can then prepare a plan for you to safely migrate to your chosen solution.

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The chink of light

Thankfully this is also the best time for any organisation to get their IT infrastructure overhauled and given a new lease of life.

Although restructuring is an additional cost which you may not have accounted for before, it will save you time and money in the long term as well as securing the safety of your business.

Migrating to Windows 7/8, Office 2013 and Server 2012/Exchange 2013 now is a very savvy move for any organisation. This upgrade will not ONLY keep you supported, but offers greater flexibility, ties in your resources better, empowers users to be more productive than ever before and access to all of the latest technology developments.

Getting ready is very simple and hassle free, call the PC Surgeon and take advantage of our FREE migration clinic and let us help you and your organisation create a road map for migration today!

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