Why act now

If you haven’t already started to migrate, it’s NOT to late!


Many businesses still using Windows XP should have begun plans to migrate already. If you haven’t taken this step, you should begin application testing immediately in order to reduce business risk.

It’s not too late, you still have a few months to act. Already we have successfully helped numerous small and medium size businesses to migrate. In our experience we have found that on average, a 10 user business replacing its systems and completely overhauling the IT infrastructure from initial consultation to end sign off is roughly a 2 month process. Organisation must also remember that once they have migrated from Windows XP, their systems will be secure up to January 2020 with Windows 7 and January 2023 with Windows 8.

In the first instance we suggest users and organisations should move to Windows 7 (majority are moving to Windows 7 and NOT Windows 8). Its a natural progression and causes the minimum amount of disruption, learning and unsuitability in a business environment. The cost of migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7 does not cost as much as you may think. Now unlike before, customers have a choice and many more options are available, such as buying low cost refurbished systems, using mobile devices and even moving to a different platform such as Linux.

Unlike others, the PC Surgeon can offer customers a bespoke solution not only centered on your needs but also your budgets and constraints.

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